General Dentistry in Las Vegas & Santa Rosa, NM

General Dentistry in Las Vegas & Santa Rosa, NM

General dentistry is often defined as preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases and disorders of the teeth and gums. However, it’s much more than that! General dentistry aims to ensure that your teeth stay healthy for life. After all, a healthy smile can last a lifetime, improving your oral and overall health.

Many patients with gum disease often aren’t aware that their oral health could impact other bodily systems. Untreated gum disease can lead to serious health issues like diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. That’s why it’s important to seek dental care as soon as possible if something is wrong with your oral health. 

At Collins Dental, we prioritize prevention and early detection to catch any issues. That’s because we’re committed not only to your dental health but also to your overall health. 

Why Should I See A General Dentist?

A general dentist is the first line of defense for your oral health. They can provide oral health exams, help you understand ways to improve your oral hygiene routine and help treat any teeth problems you may have.

Your general dentist completes in-office training for all dental procedures so they know what to look for when examining a patient’s teeth. They can spot the signs of a developing cavity or gum disease before it becomes severe and identify any abnormalities during oral cancer screenings. These early warning signs can be crucial when it comes to the long-term health of your smile.

The Benefits Of General Dentistry

Many patients don’t realize that routine dental care and dentist visits benefit their oral health. Your general dentist is your first line of defense when it comes to preventing oral health care problems from occurring in the first place. If your smile is healthy, you won’t need restorative care like fillings or crowns to treat decay or other issues.

Scheduled professional cleanings help to remove harmful plaque and tartar buildup from your smile, which can prevent tooth decay and the need for more invasive treatments later on. Professional teeth cleanings are vital for protecting oral health as you age. Professional cleanings provide an added defense against this serious condition.

Additionally, visiting the dentist regularly can help to identify any health concerns that may be occurring in your mouth before symptoms even arise. For example, your dentist can detect the early signs of oral cancer during your regular checkup and cleaning appointment. If caught early, these forms of cancer can often be treated successfully. Your dentist can also identify symptoms of bruxism or chronic teeth grinding at night, which can impact the health and structure of your teeth over time. Addressing these issues early on can help you avoid the need for more advanced treatment in the future.

Many people don’t realize that a dentist can help improve their overall health. In addition to offering preventive care, your dentist can also provide treatment to repair any oral health problems you have. Visit Collins Dental at 1900 7th St., Las Vegas, NM 87701, or call (505) 425-3331 for the best dental care.

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