IV Sedation in Las Vegas & Santa Rosa, NM

IV Sedation in Las Vegas & Santa Rosa, NM

IV sedation, also known as “twilight sleep” or “conscious sedation,” is administered through a vein in the arm. At Collins Dental, during a procedure under this type of sedation, patients will wear a mask to breathe through during the process and will be able to communicate with the dentist. They will fall into deep relaxation and may even fall asleep but will be easily woken up and given time to recover and reorient themselves following treatment. Patients will often not remember much of the appointment afterward. A dentist administers the medication carefully to ensure maximum effectiveness with minimal side effects such as nausea, upset stomach, dizziness, or headaches.

Treatments Performed With IV Sedation

An anesthetic through an IV can enter your body rapidly and get you to work more quickly. For this reason, IV sedation allows your dentist to complete multiple procedures in a single visit. Some common types of procedures that can be accomplished while you rest comfortably under IV sedation include:

  • Root canal therapy
  • Dental fillings
  • Crowns
  • Extractions
  • Periodontal surgery
  • Wisdom teeth removal
  • Dental implants
  • Surgical orthodontics
  • TMJ treatment

Before you receive IV sedation, your dentist will want to review your medical history to ensure no complications or risk factors are involved. Your dentist should also take your blood pressure to ensure you are a good candidate for sedation dentistry. Once approved, you will be escorted to our comfortable office for your procedure. The specifics of your visit will be explained to you in detail so that you know what to expect from start to finish. We typically recommend that patients receiving IV sedation have someone drive them to and from the appointment so that they can safely relax on the journey home.

The Benefits of IV Sedation

IV sedation helps nervous or anxious patients relax during their dental treatments. The medication is delivered by injection, so there’s no anxiety over having to swallow a pill. Once the sedative takes effect, you can rest comfortably in the chair while performing your treatment. Patients describe feeling as though they are sleeping throughout the procedure. You won’t experience any pain or discomfort or remember much about the procedure after completing your treatment. Many patients report feeling more relaxed after treatment with IV sedation than before the process. 

For patients who have previously had a negative experience with the dentist’s office, this type of sedation can be just the thing to help them overcome their fears and look forward to their next visit. Contact Collins Dental at 1900 7th St, Las Vegas, NM 87701, or call (505) 425-3331 to schedule your consultation and learn more about IV sedation and the attractive benefits of this treatment option!

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